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Fayetteville GA Locksmith – When to replace Locks

Locks come in all varieties and sizes. No matter where or why you need a lock, you should be able to find something to suit your need. There are many brands too. Of course, some brands are more expensive than others and some will be more durable and effective. If you are searching for locks that offer a high level of security, you can get them from Fayetteville GA Locksmith in Fayetteville, GA. We have some of the most top-rated brands.

When it comes down to the point where you must choose a lock, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. This way, you will avoid confusion and decrease the amount of time it takes to select a lock.

Although you will have so many types of locks to choose from, there is one thing that remains constant- locks are not designed to last forever. At some point in time, you will have to get your locks repaired or replaced. Knowing when to replace your locks is very crucial. It will ensure that you always have functional locks on your doors and windows. It makes very little sense to have locks that are not working properly.

How to Maintain Your Locks

One of the best ways to lengthen the life of your locks and delay replacing them is by taking good care of them. Here are some tips that you should follow so your locks can give you many years of great service.

  • Don’t strain your locks.

A lot of people damage their locks because they do not pay attention to this simple tip. If you have to lift a door to get it latched or you have to struggle to close a lock, it means that it is being strained.

When you strain your locks, you risk damaging them much more quickly. Additionally, a strain on a lock makes it less effective against criminals. If you realize that your door has dropped and it is difficult to latch that lock, it is time to get the door fixed. If it is a bolt that is affixed to the surface of the door, you can opt to move the bolt instead.

  • Keep your locks well lubricated.

Most locks have moving parts. Once your lock has parts that move for it to close or open, it means that it should be lubricated periodically. Lubricating your locks help to prolong its life because you will prevent a lot of wear and tear. You don’t need to lubricate the lock every day, but make sure that there is a smooth surface for the moving parts to glide.

Some locks are more difficult to lubricate than others. Before you begin to grease your locks, make sure you confirm the areas that really need to be greased. Many manufacturers offer tips and recommendations on how to grease the locks that they make. Once you follow those steps, you should be fine.

  • Clean your locks regularly.

Many people do not realize that this is an option, but it is an important maintenance tip to follow. The more debris that gets left in a lock, the faster the lock will get worn out. Make sure you wipe your locks with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt particles that have settled on it. Be careful not to wipe off any lubricant that is on the moving parts of the lock.

  • Don’t use keys that are worn out.

One good practice that you should adopt is to get spare keys for the locks that you have. Once you realize that your keys are getting a bit worn out, you should switch to a new key. Using worn out keys in a lock will speed up the rate at which the lock gets damaged. Over time, you may not be able to use a key to open the lock and you will have to get it replaced.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Locks

The most obvious sign that indicates that lock replacement is inevitable is wear and tear. No matter how gentle you are with your locks, they will be used. As such, they will undergo some amount of wear and tear. If you use your locks a lot, the wear and tear on them can get more severe in a shorter time span. Make sure you check your locks frequently to see if they need to be replaced.

Other times when you may need to replace your locks include:

  • You want to upgrade your locks
  • When your keys get lost or stolen
  • After you have purchased a new house
  • You ended a relationship with someone who has a copy of your keys
  • You have a new roommate
  • The key gets stuck in the lock
  • Your keys stop working
  • Right after you experience a break-in
  • Your locks are old and rusty

Not all locks will undergo the same wear and tear. After all, locks are not all made equal. If you are trying to get the longest lifespan from your locks, make sure you do all you can to enhance its longevity.

There may be other ways to avoid replacing your locks in certain situations. For example, if you realize that you habitually lose your keys, consider replacing your locks with a combination lock. This way, you won’t need a key so you can avoid some of the replacement costs. Even though the combination lock may seem more expensive, you may end up spending way less than if you had to replace your locks a couple times. Moreover, if you forget the combination, you can always reset the lock.

If you realize that your locks need to be replaced, you need a new lock installed or you need some maintenance work done on your locks, you don’t have to do it on your own. Your local locksmith companies should offer locksmith services that can assist you. If you are in the Fayetteville area, call us at Fayetteville GA Locksmith. We offer many types of locksmith services in and around the area at affordable rates and we are open 24/7.